A New Issue Within The Criminal Justice System Essay

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The excessive use of force in policing is not a new issue within the criminal justice system. Since the mid-1980 's criminal justice professionals and government leaders have been searching for solutions to the problem, exploring different causes and potential solutions. This issue has not yet been solved for many arguable reasons, but one of the most likely ones is that many police agencies have not yet begun to take accountability for their officers’ actions or revise their policies and programs to reduce the occurrences of those actions. Many criminal justice agencies have failed to properly monitor, track, and respond to incidents of excessive force. Police Chief Magazine reported that “the White House…invited U.S. law enforcement agencies to voluntarily participate in more robust data collection and reporting of use of force, but, as of April 2016, only 53 jurisdictions had signed up to participate… (Harris, n.d.).” This issue, which has become magnified, instead of resolved, will continue to plague the criminal justice system until all criminal justice agencies commit to finding a solution, committing to make the necessary changes to fix their agencies, hold each officer accountable for their use of excessive force, and hold their own agencies themselves accountable for how each situation is dealt with. As decided in Tennessee v. Garner, "deadly force may not be used unless it is necessary to prevent the escape and the officer has probable cause to believe that the
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