A New Life : The Experience Of A New Life

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A New Life I was a prisoner in my own body, captive inside my own skin, unable to break free. At the age of seventeen years old, I weighed over 255 pounds. I was unable to participate in ordinary activities due to the own restraints I had placed upon myself. I always felt alone in the crowd; I was self-conscious and felt as if the world always had a judgmental eye looking down on me. Food was my addiction, calories my drug. I was eating through my pain and depression. Food gave me a sense of safety and security unlike anything else. I was trapped, desperate for freedom. Until I decided to make a change; I decided that I was not going to be trapped any longer! I vowed to set myself free. On a cold, January morning a small group of my close friends from church met to kick off a new fundraiser. We had just opened a new food pantry, The Table, and were in desperate need of the finances to keep it running. A sweet elderly lady from our congregation, Mrs. Thelma, had provided us with the ideal and inspiration to host a weightless competition, which later received the name, “Choose to Lose to Make the Table Able”. The objective of the fundraiser was to obtain sponsors whom would pay a dollar for every pound lost. My sponsors were unaware of the astronomical financial burden that I would place upon them. Being the overweight, food addicted teenager that I was, this competition was just what I needed to turn my life around. The very next day I began my weight loss regimen. I

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