A New Paradigm For Power Generation And Transmission

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MicroGrids: A New Paradigm for Power Generation and Transmission Motivations behind the emerging concept of the MicroGrid The emerging concept of MicroGrids or SmartGrids is aimed at changing the paradigm of the conventional power system in order to meet various challenges facing modern day society. To understand why the shift in paradigm is necessary, it is important to have a firm knowledge of the layout of conventional power systems as well as the energy challenges facing our society. A high level example of a conventional power system is shown in figure 1. Figure 1. Conventional power system configuration [1]. Conventionally our electricity has been generated by a low number of large power stations. These power stations…show more content…
Greenhouse gas emissions have been identified as the main cause of global warming, which is having a devastating effect on our eco-system. Historically the majority of conventional large-scale power stations have been utilising the combustion of fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas or petroleum to generate electricity, which acts as a large source of greenhouse gas emissions. From the 2014 UK electricity flowchart, figure 2, it can be seen that the majority of electricity generation is driven by fossil fuels leading to the release of vast quantities of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and, as a consequence, heavily contributing towards climate change. Figure 2. DUKES UK 2014 Electricity flowchart [2]. With the aim of combating climate change there is a desire to increase the penetration of renewable generation in the UK network at both transmission and distribution level. The introduction of renewable generation into the network presents numerous technical challenges due its inherent intermittency. For example, if a large-scale wind farm is connected to the transmission network and the wind speed is approximately 28ms creating a 1GW output. Suddenly the wind speed rapidly increases above the cut-off wind speed of 25ms, causing the entire wind farm to shut down. This sudden loss of generation could potentially cause an unacceptable frequency deviation and lead to a
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