A New With The Family

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A new addition to the family I was six years old, sitting in the back of my dad’s truck, my mom was yelling at him, telling him it was time. She stated that her water had already broken. We were going to visit our family members which would’ve taken around half a day to see them. I was afraid of what was going to happen, but also incredibly excited about it. I looked out the window and saw nothing but barren land. There was nothing but dirt and a few dead plants for as far as my eyes could see. I began to slowly roll down my window, but immediately rolled it back up due to the immense amount of heat. My dad called 911, and said that his wife was in labor. He then proceeded to ask if it would be possible to go back to Anaheim, but they …show more content…

My mom was getting worse, and I was beginning to worry about her and the baby. I again asked my dad if he could stop at the nearest gas station or store so that I could use the restroom and stated that it was very urgent. He responded by giving me an empty bottle of water and telling me to “be careful.” I tried convincing him to stop at the nearest gas station, but he said no. I reluctantly took the bottle and asked him where to put it when I was finished. He jokingly told me to drink it. I laughed, placed it in the back seat cup holder, and stared at it with a disgusted face for a few minutes. I was glad that I at least didn 't have to worry about my bladder exploding for the next few hours. My dad was arguing with my mom for a few long minutes before we stopped at a building that two shapes on it that appeared to be a dog and a cat. I asked if we were here, and my dad said “maybe papio.” He sounded sad or embarrassed for some reason but I couldn’t figure out why. We entered the building and I then realized exactly why my dad was embarrassed, we had stopped at an animal hospital. We were there for a few minutes and then left in a hurry. I was surprised that my mother seemed so calm. My Dad said that we were going to a place called Delano. After around 20 minutes, we had finally arrived at a clinic in Delano. The place looked very much like an

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