A Note On Evolution And Evolution

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I A. Species change because of a special process called evolution. Evolution, in simple terms, is change over time (Krukonis 10). To be more complicated, it is the change in the percentage of inherited traits in a group of organisms over time (“Evolution”). As evolution occurs it can be with an entire species or just one population of a species. It can be over a shorter period of time called microevolution. An example of microevolution can be bacteria mutating in a lab. Another type of evolution is called macroevolution. This takes place over a longer period of time with larger changes. In evolution, when one species evolves into two species it is called speciation. Speciation mostly occurs in animal species (Krukonis 12). For species to evolve they must evolve their traits. All evolutionary traits come from mutations in genes and genes result from mutations. Some genes can be bad and will disappear in the next generation, and other genes can have no effect at all on an organism (Krukonis 13). Mutations are an important part of evolution.
I B. Mutations are essential to the development of traits. A mutation of a gene is a permanent change in the DNA that makes up the gene (“Mutation”). Mutations that are hereditary come from a parent cell and exist in every cell of the body. (“What is”). However, somatic mutations happen during life and only exist in some cells of the body (“Mutation”). They can be caused by factors from the environment such as the sun or…
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