A Note On Evolution And Evolution

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I A. Species change because of a special process called evolution. Evolution, in simple terms, is change over time (Krukonis 10). To be more complicated, it is the change in the percentage of inherited traits in a group of organisms over time (“Evolution”). As evolution occurs it can be with an entire species or just one population of a species. It can be over a shorter period of time called microevolution. An example of microevolution can be bacteria mutating in a lab. Another type of evolution is called macroevolution. This takes place over a longer period of time with larger changes. In evolution, when one species evolves into two species it is called speciation. Speciation mostly occurs in animal species (Krukonis 12). For …show more content…

Somatic mutations in the earlier stages of embryonic development, when the embryo is only a few cells, can result in mosaicism. Mosaicism may cause health problems depending on how many cells are affected by the mutation and how serious the mutation is. Another type of mutation can be just in the egg or sperm cells, but not in the person’s cells. This sort of mutation is called a de novo mutation which can be somatic or hereditary (“What is”).
I C. Natural selection drives evolution. Natural selection is “decent with modification” that happens because not all organisms are at an equal chance to reproduce for the next generation (Krukonis 15). This form of selection is process of selection when the natural environment is the selective force (“Natural Selection”). Natural selection tends to take place over a longer period of time. On the other hand, Artificial selection is the process of when people control which organisms are favored to reproduce. Artificial selection tends to take place over a shorter period time. This category of selection means that people selectively breed chickens lay more eggs and kill off the rest of the chickens. One more example, would be breeding cows that produce more milk (Krukonis 15). Next displays evolution, natural selection, and evolution at work.
II A. Earlier homos came before modern day humans. Homo habilis is believed to be the first species in the homo genus. The Homo habilis existed between

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