A Note On ' I Woke Up And I Felt Scared '

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Chap 1 Penelope.

I woke up and I felt scared. I was shaking so hard. "My dream. What was I dreaming about?" I thought. I took a deep breath. I got up shakily and grabbed my water bottle that I keep on my night stand. I drank some and forced my nerves to calm down. I walked out to wait for the bathroom. I went into the kitchen in my pajamas which was just a baggy shirt and pajama shorts. I went over to the coffee maker and grabbed the pot and poured some in to my favorite mug. My brother Patrick was making breakfast, French toast and bacon. He was wearing his black suit with his black tie that made his grey eyes seem darker. His light brown hair was spiked. “Hey Pendrop.” He said happily. I smiled at him. “Hey Patty.” I said getting my favorite mug out the cabinet. “I made coffee.” He said flipping the French toast. “Thanks.” I said pouring the coffee in my mug. “The bathrooms yours Penny.” Piper my older sister yelled from down the hall. I got up and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and took a shower. I knocked on Parker 's door my younger sister.
"You can go." I said through the door. I walked into my room and got dressed. I put on a black shirt. I got my grey ripped jeans out of my dresser and slipped them in. I pulled on my black boots and let my brown wavy hair down. I went back to the kitchen for breakfast. Piper was already there she was wearing her favorite white shirt with blue jeans and pink sneakers and her short Light brown hair curled. She had

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