A Nurse's Emotional Backpack

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Nurses are depended on by everyone they encounter in their career. They are complex beings that have one of the hardest lives to live. They deal with life, death, and suffering on a daily basis. It is what they are here for isn’t it? They put the buffer between the complications of one’s life. They carry the stress, anxiety, and confusion home with them every night and every day for the rest of their lives. They carry an emotional backpack with them to store their stories, feelings, and courage. Nurses take on multiple roles other than a nurse; they are a caregiver, they give the care patients need and offer them the support to maintain a healthy life. Teacher is not a term one would normally apply to a nurse, but every nurse is one. They teach patients what the doctors instruct them to do, and what their medications are for and how and when to take them. In the hospital they use teaching skills quite a lot for post released instructions regarding wounds and care. Nurses are advocates; they interpret and back up what doctors preach to their patients. Being a manager is the strongest of their roles. They make decisions in split seconds, take leadership, and coordinate people, such as other nurses, patients and their families (Zerwekh). According to John Luther, “You don’t have to be brilliant to be a good leader. But you do have to understand other people—how they feel, what makes them tick, and the best way to influence them” (qtd. in Grossman and Valiga). Nurses do not
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