A Painting by Paula Rego called The Family - The Stimulus for our Drama Piece

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A Painting by Paula Rego called The Family - The Stimulus for our Drama Piece INTRODUCTION In this essay I will be discussing the work that I have done in the first module of performance studies. The aim of this module was to develop technical skills in dance, drama and music and using the performance process of improvising, rehearsing and performing and then applying these skills to four performance pieces. We carried out several skills workshops to help develop confidence in all 3 thematic areas to a more even consistency as some members of our group had never done dance, music and some hadn't taken expressive arts GCSE. In this module I developed skills in all three areas, some completely new skills (for example in dance) and those…show more content…
However, we overcame this by making sure we explored the situation and the characters and focused that particular scene of the drama piece towards the communication and body language of the father and the daughter, and therefore ensuring we got the right reaction of the audience towards this, which gave us confidence in our abilities to sustain the interest of the audience. After we had completed the first scene, we found it hard to integrate the mother's feelings as her status or lack of in the previous scene, needed to be explained for the mother to be sympathised and associated with by the audience. This was so the end scene would show a better character interaction of the trio and a feeling of ensemble. We felt it would also work well if there was a status shift between the characters in the end scene so we decided that by taking on the mask of the mother would reveal her feelings to the audience and not show her to be completely naïve and helpless in this situation. During rehearsal, we found we were able to get our timing synchronised, which was just what our piece needed to give it pace and direction and to involve and interest the audience continuously. We made the gestures and physicality of the characters very prominent to make sure body language was acknowledged by the audience to show them all the

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