Matched Analysis

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To have power is to be able to help those who do not and be their voice and strength and to be a helpful part in your community and including to that “character is power”. throughout the book “matched” power was shown in a slightly negative way in which the society had power and control to the people and obviously, everything against their will could happen as in when they put a law for the final banquet in which people die at the age of 80. I chose this piece of art to represent the scene of the grandfather's last banquet as which they were showing him the tapes that have been recorded throughout his 80 years.

I chose this piece of art to recall and imagine the feelings of the family and grandfather during his last banquet and to state that
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the background of my book is black which is a really strong color and emphasizes sadness and depression since the family felt dejected and were trying to get over the fact that he has to die at that specific day based on the orders of the society. I basically exhilarated the writer's description into real life in which I presented the early morning light and the grandfather wearing his light green shirt to represent his favorite color. holding his gold colored micro card box that showed a presentation of images and records from his life. cassia, her father and 6 members of the community are standing around him and saying their…show more content…
in the book cassia and her family had the ability to say goodbye to their loved ones and had knowledge of how their life ends, in our real life this isn't something that is being applied. in conclusion, you never know the last time you’ll see a person so cherish every moment and every person in your life because at the end of the day all that matters is love and memories so make sure you give it and make sure you make
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