A Part Of Societies For Millenniums

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Travis Smith
Dr. Wemlinger
World Civ. 2201


Militaries have been a part of societies for millenniums. Armed forces have been used for the good of empires, but also for the bad. Many empires have risen to great power through their military but, the ones in this essay mastered the use of armed forces. Militaries have shaped empires, even in some cases being a way of live for that society. Even in the beginning of civilizations armies were beginning to pop up. The use of violence towards other tribes, and groups of people lead to the development of standing armies. This also led to the establishment of taxation to support food, equipment, and payment to the soldiers of ever increasing militaries. It is interesting to look into how militaristic cultures have come up and many cases dominated certain areas. It’s fascinating to see why some empires’ military have been so successful and won many of battles. In this essay I will talk about three different empires and how they became successful over time. These three militaristic cultures are all respected in their own rights. First is the Assyrian Empire. Its military might started around 900b.c.e on the Tigris river were they would later start a conquest which they controlled most of the Middle East. Also I will look into Sparta, which the Spartans are considered some of the fiercest warriors to have lived. Their dominance reached its height around 600b.c.e. In this essay I will also talk about the

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