A Passover Seder

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Seder Observation A Passover Seder is a religious holiday service for the Jews. Passover is the retelling and celebration of the Jews exodus from Slavery. The decedents of the Jews were slaves in Egypt and through a successful rebellion were able to escape slavery into freedom. The story of the Exodus is due to the many decades of slavery put on the Jews by the Egyptian pharaohs. God saw the Israelite’s distress and sent Moses to the Pharaoh warning the Pharaoh to release the Israelites from slavery. The pharaoh ignored all warnings by Moses and so God then sent ten plagues onto the people of Egypt, destroying everything from livestock to crops. The last plague God inflicted on the people of Egypt was that he killed every first born child of the Egyptians, passing over the Israelites homes. This passing over of the Israelites homes is where the name of the celebration, ‘Passover’ comes from. After the plagues the Pharaoh released the Israelites from slavery and they left for Mount Sinai, led by Moses. A major theme of Seder is freedom, freedom from slavery, but also continuing Jewish freedom. The celebration of Seder is a reminder that cruelty and oppression are not inevitable but can in fact be changed. The Seder takes places on the first night of Passover.
Seder in Hebrew means, “order”. The celebration is a 15 part ritual, the parts lead up to the ending celebration of the Seder dinner. At the center of the table where Seder will take place is the Seder plate. The Seder

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