A Perfect Day for Banafish by J.D. Salinger

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I used to drew on the bills when I was five year old, my mom stoped me and told me I should not draw on the bills because those bills are not regular paper. I will not draw on the bill any more since I understand bills can fulfill my wants. Every adults live in material life, there is impossible for one can go back to innocence. Similar to time goes by, from innocence to materialism also irreversible. In the story “ A perfect day for bananafish”, J.D Salinger narrates that a return world war II soldier, Seymour Glass, who has mental trauma vacationing with his wife in Florida. His wife parents worry his mental condition and he has difficultly communicate with other people; he meets sybil and share the store about “bananafish”; he finish himself after finds the innocence. In the short store, Salinger uses the characterization, symbolism, and irony to illustrate that is futile search for innocence. The protagonist in “A perfect day for bananafish,” Seymour, is a world war II soldier who returns home with mental trauma. According to the dialogue between Seymour’s wife and his parent in law, he crushes his father in law’s car; his mother in law wants them divorce because she worries her daughter accompanies with a psychopath. But his wife does not care his mental condition. "" When I think of how you waited for that boy all through the war-I mean when you think of all those crazy little wives who - "" Mother, "said the girl," we'd better hang up Seymour may come in any

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