A Personal Narrative With Analysis

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Sovereignty Essay: A Personal Narrative With Analysis It’s early morning. The bright sun permeating over top the sumptuous rolling hills that line the horizon. The sky is brilliantly colors of pink mixed with orange, kissing hues of bluish purples; stars twinkle as they fade into the backdrop of daybreak. The air is invigorating, she feels the brisk, cool sweetness with each breath taken in. The streets are desolate, empty, calm. The only sounds heard are the quiet chips and melodies of songbirds that live amongst the plush, green, leafy treetops, the jangle of a metal chain link leash, clink, clink, clank, the hushed whispering of her dog 's excited panting, sniffs along the slightly moist trail. Occasionally a car fleetingly zooms by,…show more content…
Joyfully, she embraces the sound that 's deafening in the still of the moment. She’s on another pathway made of crudely poured blacktop, it twists and winds in parallel with the sidewalk, to her right is a rusty chain link fence, decorated with carefully designated shrubs of dark green foliage and deep fuchsia blossoms. Behind and below the oxidized barrier is a man made canal, flowing with an algae inundated stream of chartreuse sludge quickly making its way, undaunted and undisturbed by the collection of debris that line its home. The rivulet is in concordance with the other sounds of nature, inaudibly babbling as it journeys, circumambient the detritus thoroughfare. Closing her voluminous deep brown eyes, merely for an infinitesimal moment, soaking up the life, the sounds, the smells that encompass her. Exhaling deeply, she smiles. Walking further down the path, her new residence is microscopic, left in the distance of her perambulation, one foot over the other, she continues, the wetness is dissipating from the zephyr as the minutes pass. Grateful to soak in these sights and sounds, renewed, as if she is newly born. Theoretically, she truly is. Then, she is lost in nature, lost in thoughts, memories of the past. Her life was much different this time last year, she remembers. Last year she had nothing. She had lost her home again, her family, her hope. There were no walks and no partaking in the everyday joys in life, she was trapped. Trapped in a self

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