A Perspective On Person Centered Therapy

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Within the conglomerate of counseling theories and techniques, this paper seeks to generate objective research that informs the reader on Person-Centered Therapy. This paper endeavors to educate the reader on the historical beginnings of this approach, drawing especially from the life and contributions of Carl Rogers. The author highlights the types of issues that the theory addresses best, discussing in detail some of the ways that Person-Centered Therapy has produced positive outcomes. While recognizing that no one approach is perfect, the author discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the Person-Centered Approach. In so doing, the author also evaluates the theory from a Biblical perspective, highlighting ways that the theory both adheres to and strays from sound Biblical doctrine.

Within the field of counseling and psychology, different theories and techniques are bountiful and vary greatly. These theories and techniques are different ways designed to reach the one common goal of enriching and improving the journey of life, especially for those individuals who are troubled. While it is not the goal of the author to promote one style of therapy above another, or as perfect, this paper takes a specific look at a popular theory know as Person-Centered Therapy. This paper begins with taking a look at the history of the theory, explores the problems that it helps best, and finalizes by exploring both the strengths and weaknesses of…

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