A Phenomenon; Hip-hop Essay

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People have many different problems in their lives and their reactions are also different. Some of them prefer to talk about these problems directly; some choose another way that is indirectly, such as music. Hip-hop is a reaction for people to show what happens in their lives. Although all music types have the same function, many people prefer this music type to tell what they feel without using exaggerated artistic lyrics since everything is pure and real in hip-hop. On the other hand hip-hop is not just a music type since the beginning; it is a culture in the United States. It is effective in every part of our lives, in schools, in streets or in our homes. That popular and effective music type began as a rebellious to destroy the…show more content…
Previous studies show that hip-hop based on what has happened before, today young people repeats their parent’s reactions when they rebel but in a different way. The dilemma in that point is their rebellion is to the adults; youth do the same what their parents do before but they do the opposite what their parents do now. Taylor and Taylor assert the normality of contradiction with this dilemma, according to authors, “The use of profanity and vulgarity in Hip Hop culture is prevalent because, as with most aspects of this culture, it represents disdain for established norms and rejection of what "decent" adult culture declares is acceptable” (Taylor and Taylor, 212). Consequently, hip-hop is described as the reflection of life and reaction of youth to adults, which is same with past but in a different way. Hip-hop does not have an old history although today it surrounds all over the world. The originator of hip-hop music is a Jamaican immigrant, Kool Herc who initiated this culture in New York streets more than thirty years ago (Chappell, 53). As we know, in this music style the black subculture is still dominant because hip-hop borned in that culture and since then it has been related and also leaded by black people. Through the years, hip hop industry has developed fast; today it is a $4 billion industry without no doubt. This phenomenon has become
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