A Pointe to Perfection

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“Perfection is not just about control. It’s also about letting go.” -Black Swan (2010) You know that feeling when your mind tells you that you can do it but your body doesn’t perform it? That moment when you realize you’re not capable of doing such or simply not getting things right as you want it? Well, that is my privy aversion. At some point in our lives, we dream to be perfect. It gives us the hope to strive for something better, to do something only our imagination could allow us to do but along our journey through life, we learn that perfection doesn’t exist so ultimately, it’s about giving all you’ve got, exerting more effort than we could ever imagine and perhaps exceeding our own personal expectations. Growing up, dancing has played a very big role in my life. I dance when I’m happy, sad, anxious or whatever I’m feeling. It just became a part of me, a part I never wanted to lose. When I was in kinder, already studying in ICA, the school offered ballet classes. I clearly remember begging my aunt to allow me to take the lessons and maybe due to my persuasiveness, she finally agreed. She signed the circular with the check attached to it. The next day I gave my teacher the slip. With the biggest smile on my face I said, “Teacher, I will be joining the ballet classes!” I was so excited. That weekend, I bought my first ballet shoes, skirt, tights and everything else I needed. The first day of classes finally started and during that time, I had no
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