A Pop Culture: A Short Story

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Once upon a time there was a young prince named Peter and he was the prince of Egypt. when his father got sick he couldn’t take care of the kingdom anymore, it was his job to take over the kingdom but his father wanted him to find a wife so he wouldn’t have to do it alone other than the fact that he was only 16. So, he decided to go around the world to find a wife he needed oh so bad. He first started off in hawaii, Once he got there he realized how different it was from Egypt and realized he wasn’t dressed appropriately for it was less hot there and they spoke very fluent english for he can barely speak a paragraph “aloha” said the weird man looking man with a smile. Confused you turn to walk away, Until the man shouted “You must be Peter”…show more content…
Then he told you about the different fruits they have here in Hawaii until you got to the castle. When you entered the castle you were greeted by the many people then got directed into the king’s lair. When i enter into the lair, there stands the King, his Queen and his young princess when the King says “ what do you think of my daughter?” I look at the princess say no, thank him for having you and leave to the next flight to africa to look for a wife, after a 21 hour flight I was greeted by young boy who looked nine years old. I get dragged out of the airport while he says not a word to me as we take a 45 minute walk to the King’s palace. While being dragged around by a nine year old child you decide to look around and look at all the things that i’ve never seen in my life and all the wildlife and animals until, finally you get to a small tent and get inside. In the tent you see the king and princess staring right at you, greeting you with a smile and asks you “what do you think of my daughter?” I look at the princess, nicely decline and take another 45 minute walk to your next flight which is in Australia once I arrived i felt strange because i realized everyone here has a different accent and name things diferently then what they call foods and other things in…show more content…
We talk about personal stuff like how I’m a prince and how its like where I live and how its different, then I realize how much i like this girl and how i want to be with her forever. I finally get to my destination and it takes you awhile because all you want is Carl, Then I did the one thing no one should ever do, I asked her to marry me. She says yes and you both head to the plane to go back home while in the back of my mind I’m freaking out because I was suppose to marry a princess.Since its been like that for centuries but, everything could be better if I get my brother Patrick to take over the kingdom. Once i got home, i immediately contact Patrick, When he answers the phone i told him what i’ve done. As i hear his voice go from angry to normal he has finally agreed to do it. I thank him and hang up. Now, I have to convince my dad to live with Carl in Australia and gave the job to your brother to rule the kingdom.Once I get to my father I show him Carl and tell him how much you love her and how much you want to live with her in Australia.First, he’s angry then a little while later he understands and accepts it. My brother Patrick then takes over the kingdom and I live with Carl in Australia with no
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