A Prayer For Owen Meany

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Early in chapter seven of John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany in the striptease club, there is an extensive amount of foreshadowing done in the popular Old Freddy’s which flows over into the quant Jerrold’s. While Johnny experiences an existential crisis, as time and again it was proven to him that Tabitha was lying and had been for an alarming period of time in A Prayer For Owen Meany. Tabitha, enchanting as she is, is unarguably human and that means she does have her faults, and it 's revealed that lying endlessly to loved ones flows into a perfect direction according to her moral compass. If she had lived maybe she would have confessed the truth to her Wednesday nights, but considering she wanted it to be a time where she could be …show more content…

Though the owner of Jerrolds reassures Johnny that it was a proper place not at all the “joint” Johnny was sure she worked at (347). Though that begs the question on why she would feel the need to keep the secret so deeply hidden. She only sang in a small dinner club and it was considered respectable even by Rev. Merrill. Concern for how her mother and sister would react isn’t realistic after she had Johnny while going to her singing lessons and then birthing a child outside of wedlock. The same can be said for becoming a scandal. She didn’t need to lie about her dress or about her singing career but she did anyway. After all, that was why Tabitha made sure her job was good in the eyes of the Lord with Rev. Merrill. If she didn 't need reassurance for her peace of mind, then why did she guard the secret if she was willing to share said secret with a Rev. Merrill. Other than the fact that Rev. Merrill becomes the father of her child, there isn 't a reason to trust him more than family. Though she did lie for the entirety of Johnny’s life, whether she would she have eventually told him the truth. Tabitha was his mom and she was a very loving person, and she didn 't seem like she would enjoy spending the rest of her life in deception. Not many people would be happy with that kind of life.

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