A Product For The Company Wi Battery Life Increase

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This business plan covers a product for the company Wi-Battery Life. The main product of the company is Wi-Battery Life Increase. This product was influenced by the increasing use of wireless technology. Generally, the root “Wi” refers to “no physical contact.” Technologically, the use of wireless technology is being adopted to replace the use of manual wires. With the increasing use of technology, wireless technology is becoming more useful than the use of physical wires, which tend to consume more wires. Globally, there is an increase in the use of portable devices like tabs, phones, laptops among other devices. Even though these devices have brought increase productivity in the business world, education and other fields, there use is…show more content…
In the long run, the business
NAME THE PRODUCT3 will begin to operate on average market prices. This strategy will help in ensuring that the profit margins do not drop and that competition from new business reduced.
Selling of the product will be done using two different methods. This will be through direct selling and retailing. The direct sell will be offered via the company website. Here customers will make their order and make payment online. To find their product, they will be directed to a particular retail shop in their area. Through retailing customers will find the product from retailers near them.
Promotional Plan
The main marketing tool will be self-branding on the social networks through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube. These tools are free for registering. The company will be providing the description of the product via these tools to inform the works on how they can benefit from the product.
Also, magazines will be used in promotion. The business would use them in advertisements. At the beginning of the business, an article will be developed to ensure that consumers are provided with information regarding the use and benefits of the product. An example of the magazine in which the advertisement will be made is the Forbe Middles East, and Computer News Middle East and Men’s Magazine. Also, Online-Sales will be made
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