A Public Hero Promoted Before The Public Stage

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a public hero promoted before the public stage touted to be vital to our safety. Never was the concept of doubt or the question of intentions brought up. Rather the stories were presented as facts for the public to learn from.
Charlie sat still for another hour watching the sequence of stories retell the events of the night, letting him relive what he had previously seen. He experienced them as another person though. He came away from that hour with an entirely different perception of the previous night.
The teams were doing a good job. Each of those victims did deserve what happened to them. If we want a safe society, then the public must ensure our interests are monitored and enforced. Who cares that a civilian was shot when trying to
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Charlie slowly drifted off to sleep, laid across his couch, as the TV continued to broadcast the public news channel. He mused to himself how immature all of them had been to try to change the world to be something in their image. This is good enough after all. As he closed his eyes for the night, the final advertisement flitted across the screen in front of him.
It read, Thanks for your attention. We are here to provide you with the one and only unbiased account of events.
In small print, along the bottom of the screen, there read: An affiliate of The Corporation, with home offices located in City 21.

Dr. Buscher picked up the western hemisphere newscast summary as she walked over to the espresso machine in her office. She flipped open the manila folder to scan the statistics across the first page. She read the summary of major newscasts that covered all operations supported by The World Government. As she did so, she prepared her morning espresso. She pushed the espresso grounds firmly, and then fit the tamp into place. She turned on the machine and within twenty seconds, a piping hot espresso was sitting before her.
She had given up on the coffee provided by her office downstairs. They had bought a $6,000 espresso machine at her request or demand, depending on how you viewed the memo she drafted. Despite such an expensive system, those idiots downstairs produced an espresso as bitter as bark or as sour as a
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