A Real Estate Professional Essay

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A real estate professional has a vast variety of jobs and duties. The foundation behind a realtorsrealtor’s profession includes havings an extensive knowledge ofin the buying and selling processes for multiple different types of properties and as well as knowingunderstanding the state and federal laws that could have an effect on a sale. Deeper into the profession you 'll find working with other people, and all the personality types that come with them, day in and day out is a very challenging task. Every client will have a different need and different questions along with them. A real estate agent must find ways to meet those needs as well as answer any questions. This requires a real estate agent to take their knowledge as far as possible so they are ready for absolutely anything that can be thrown their way. An agent must know the community, any planned changes the community may be making in the future, or information on surrounding schools and job opportunities. When selling a house for example, a potential buyer could ask about the type of grass growing in the backyard or the type of wood flooring in the living room. Every day a real estate professional faces different questions, buyers and sellers, property types, and changing laws or requirements. Due to these reasons a realtor has a very versatile profession.
A realtor is any agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors (Agent). This organization has 1.1 million members. In order to remain a member

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