A Recent E Commerce Threat

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Keller Graduate School of Management
DeVry University
Research Project 1: A Recent E-Commerce Threat Michaels Stores’ Breach

Nitesh Timilsina
E-Business Security (SEC573)

Kathleen Milburn

Table of Contents

1. Threat identification, technical features, and vulnerabilities 1
2. Diagram depicting the mechanism of attack and exploitation 2
3. Potential or actual consequences 5
4. Risk assessment 6
5. References 8 1. Threat identification, technical features, and vulnerabilities

On January 2014, Michaels an art and craft retailer and its subsidiary Aaron Brothers, revealed that costumer information database consist of payment card number and expiration date been compromised. Costumer using credit or debit card at Michaels in between May 8, 2013 to Jan 27, 2014 compromised 2.6 million cards and at Aaron Brothers in between June 26, 1013 to Feb 27, 2014 been compromised 400,000 cards. The company committed to work with other parties to improve security of payment card transaction for all consumers.

An unauthorized and highly sophisticated malware that not been encountered previously by any security company attacked the point-of-sale systems where all the card information is stored. The outcome of this hacking been extensive and affected millions of customer’s personal and payment data was exposed, results in the payment card compromise of three million customers.

Point-of-Sale (PoS) is the system that used by

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