A Red Girl's Reasoning And The Jailing Of Cecelia Capture Analysis

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In “A Red Girl’s Reasoning” and The Jailing of Cecelia Capture, female Native American characters married to non-natives subsequently have dysfunctional marriages. In both narratives, participants in the marriage entered with false assumptions, leading to misery for the couples. Charlie, in A Red Girl’s Reasoning, married without fully understanding marriage, marrying Christine mainly for her uniqueness and beauty. The marriage then collapses when Charlie displays his ignorance of her culture. In the Jailing of Cecelia Capture, Cecelia however does not fully comprehend her marriage. She attempted to marry what her husband represents, without coming to understand the individual. Her misconceptions are compounded with her husband’s racist and elitist views of her culture. This culture gap guarantees the premature endings of both marriages as the husbands both lack understanding of their wives.
“A Red Girl’s Reasoning” depicts a marriage saturated with immaturity. Charlie McDonald is a well-meaning young man who is pathetically in love. His love though is misguided. Charlie is unable to appreciate Christine’s individuality, only appreciating her surface qualities. The author, Pauline Johnson, drives home this understanding by giving Charlie a Saint Bernard to replace Christine after she leaves him. Pauline Johnson is revealing through symbolism that what Charlie always wanted was a pet for a wife. Through this understanding, one can understand Charlie’s mindset. He is only

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