A Reflection Of Leadership

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1. What is leadership? How do I demonstrate it? When searching the word leadership one of the immediate synonyms to appear is control. To me, leadership is nothing about control. Leadership is accepting your role in any situation and still going above and beyond. Being someone who orders others around is not leading, it is dictating. Those getting out in front of others and working just as hard--if not harder--to set an example are true leaders. Leadership plays your strengths while still addressing your weaknesses. Acknowledging both sets up for success. In my life, I definitely have roles with set leadership titles. Although I have these titles, I try to act in ways that do not place me on a higher pedestal than the people I am surrounded by. I act as a humble leader because I know that I have not always been at the leadership level that I currently am. From dance, to student council, to link crew, my age does not give me automatic power. I am looked up to for my experience, but I am a leader for my ability to make connections with those around me. If I lead in ways that just push people around, it won’t be very effective; at a certain point people get fed up with a condescending boss and orders are no longer effective. I do not set out to be a leader only to receive credit, I am a leader to create a lasting impact.

2. What is character? How do I exemplify it? Character is the personality you embody when nobody is watching. It is the person you transform into when

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