A Reminder of the True Meaning of American Icons

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Immigrants swimming across the harbor sea and the first thing they see is the Statue of Liberty. Do they see independence and liberty? Imagine the American flag blowing in the wind on a perfect spring morning. Do American’s see hope and freedom? Does our American patriotic icon’s still represent the same thing that they used to? Has commercialism and cultures lost the true meaning of what the American flag and the Statue of Liberty stand for? Today’s society has lost the importance of respect towards these icons. The Statue of Liberty was build after the Revolutionary War when the thirteen colonies won and became the United States of America. In 1865, Frenchman Edouard de Laboulaye wanted to give the United States a great statue in honor of its independence and liberty. (Strazzabosco-Hayn, 5) Both the French and American people worked together to build this materpiece. “If a monument should rise in the United States, as a memorial to their independence, I should think it only natural if it were built by united effort-a common work of both our nations.” (Berenson, 10) The Statue of Liberty originated in France by liberal supporters of President Lincoln. After hearing of Lincoln's assassination, these men sought to create a symbol of liberty, "dedicated to Lincoln, the honest man, who abolished slavery, restored the union, and saved the Republic without veiling the statue of liberty." (Berenson 11) This was built with independence, liberty and unity in mind.
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