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Mechanics Lewisville, TX Tips to Drive Safely in the Rain While rain is helpful for crops, landscaping and lawns, it can make driving difficult and downright dangerous at times. Fifth Gear Automotive mechanics in Lewisville, TX offers the following tips to improve your driving experience in the rain, and your safety. • One of the most important things you can do is to slow down. In rain, especially moderate to heavy rain, it is more difficult to see livestock, pedestrians, wildlife, and other traffic. Not only can your visibility be limited, it will take longer for you to stop safely on wet roads. Slowing down reduces the distance required to brake, and may mean the difference between being involved in an accident or not. Ensure your brakes are in good condition before the rainy season, schedule an inspection with our mechanics in Lewisville, TX. • Inspect your wipers for damage. If your wiper blades are torn, worn, cracking, skipping, or streaking, it’s time for new ones. Installing new blades can improve visibility, consequently improving your reaction time when dangerous situation affect your commute. If you are unsure of installing new wipers, or if wipers tend to fly off after you have installed them, Fifth Gear Automotive mechanics in Lewisville, TX will be glad to install new wiper blades for you. • Distractions are a common cause of accidents, focus on the road and drive. • During dangerous driving conditions is not the time to be talking on the phone, looking at a
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