Argumentative Synthesis 1

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Rebecca Crockett Shannon Lerro Argumentative Synthesis November 4, 2010 Does talking on the phone while driving affect the driver? Drivers shouldn’t be able to use phones while driving because it can be extremely hazardous for not only them but their passengers, or others traveling along the same road. If changing a radio station is considered a major distraction to drivers, how is it not a distraction to look down to find your cell phone? Cell phones, have been known to cause wrecks that can even result in fatalities. In a recent article , “Distracted Driving: Should Talking, and Texting Be Banned” It clearly states that we weren’t trained to operate a heavy steering vehicle, while also operating a small handheld computer. Research…show more content…
As he proceeded through the course his mind began to wonder as he focused on fulfilling his task. His driving began to worsen, and he tipped over cones as a result of this. The point of the exercise was to demonstrate that the brain when forced to multitask can’t fully concentrate on each individual task. The policemen who gave licenses to individuals, was affected by this experiment, imagine the normal person’s response when presented this task. The National Safety Council (NSC) is advocating legislation to ban all types of cell phone use on the road, including hands-free usage. Anticipating some of the arguments against cell phone bans, the NSC admits other in-car activities are more dangerous than using cell phones. However, the group says as cell phone use becomes more popular, it has become more dangerous overall. Now, six states have bans on driving while talking on a hand-held cell phone: California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Utah and Washington. It’s also become banned in the District of Columbia, and at least five other states have cities and towns with bans. Talking on a phone while driving is dangerous, period, and our advice to drivers is to simply don 't do it," Jonathan Adkins, spokesman for the Governors Highway Safety Association of Washington, Dc said last year. "It taxes the cognitive skills of your brain at the expense of the driving at hand, and if the conversation is stressful your reaction time will not be as quick. Also, whoever you are
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