A Report On Energy Mangement And Utility Bills

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Based on the latest Energy Audit from United Technologies, The Carrier Facility, Charlotte, NC spend on average $114, 965 per month on Electricity. The facility consumes on average 1,526,973 kWh per month, which emits on average 1,074 Metric Tons of Greenhouse gas emissions per month. The high power consumption and GHG emissions rates contributed into the facility’s and team decision to analyze all the energy consumption sources in the facility to determine new areas of savings. All energy audits and utility bills were analyzed in order to analyze the facility’s power distribution and the feasibility of reducing the consumption without interfering with production process. Based on Electrical Energy usage distribution in the facility shown in figure xx, 10% of the energy usage goes to lighting. After reviewing the purchasing information and the models for the lighting fixtures in the facility, the team observed that the current lighting fixtures have low efficiency and high power consumption rate comparing to the new LED lighting fixtures on the market; therefore, the team developed a plan to replace the current lighting fixtures. After inspecting the facility, the team also took into consideration the location, and the 33,000 sq-ft roof of the facility to analyze the possibility of adding solar panels on roof to introduce a clean sustainable energy source in the facility. The average-high sun hours peak in charlotte, the Federal Tax credit, and the unused space on the

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