A Report On K12 Education

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Joanne Ramos
Andrea Cons-Diller
Writing 1
8 July 2015
K12 Education We, as a society, cannot stress enough the role and importance of education in our life. Starting when we were young, we have come to believe that having a proper education can lead us to better opportunities later in life. Education is planted like a seed at a very young age, and like any seeds, I believe that it is best taken care of when it is still in the process of growing. Unfortunately, I believe that there are some policies in our educational system that need immediate attention to ensure that our future generation gets an effective and quality education. In 2012, the Program for International Student Assessment, also called PISA, was administered to 15 year olds in 65 countries. PISA is an international testing in math, science, and reading. According to the 2012 PISA result, the United States, once thought as “world leader”, scored a 29th place in math, 22nd place in science, and 19th place in reading (National Center for Education Statistics). These results show that we, as a society, need to enhance our educational system to catch up with other countries. Today, the kids go in and out of school, learning almost nothing but to memorize what the government expects them to know, learn how to take standardized testing, and graduate by exerting very little effort. To further improve our k12 educational system, we need to change our ways of teaching such as eliminating common core, stop analyzing

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