Common Core Controversy

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The idea or policy alternative that should be going further in the policy process than it has is having a school curriculum that is common to all States.
Background of policy proposal - quick and admittedly superficial
Education in the United States is in an abysmal state. It continues to spiral downward as students and educators fail to meet standards. The standards are then altered on a patchwork basis throughout the states. The goal is no longer to have a high standard educational system. The goal now is to maintain the status quo, allowing students and educators to strive for the minimum. There is no common approach to achieve success. Incipit Tragoedia, in comes the Common Core, agreed upon by educators, politicians, and
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However, controversy began when political groups saw the Common Core as an encroachment of the federal government on States rights(Jost 850). In addition, teacher's union became concerned about consequences of evaluation standards on educators (Henderson…show more content…
Majority opinion still supports the program, but since 2011, those opposed double.
Political polarization becomes apparent. Support among republicans drops 14% since 2014, while democratic opinion drops only 1%. The conservative wing of the Republican party sees the highest opposition at 57% (Henderson 9)
Affected group -
Teacher support of the Common Core is also declining, down to 46% from a high of 76% in 2013. Again, political polarization is evident. Republican teacher support falls 34% since 2013, while democratic teacher support falls 15% (Henderson 10).
Conclusions -
Even though the idea of having a common set of standards is appealing to the public, and Common Core still has the support of the public majority, the intentions of the policy need to be made clearer. Public versus educator perspectives on teacher's role in education is different (Henderson
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