A Report On Marine Geophysicists

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ENTRY SIX One of the main concerns for marine geophysicists is the peculiarity of tsunamis that impel such extensive danger. After 2004, a 9.1 earthquake induced the Indian Tsunami that killed more than 250,000 people and left a million others affected in one day, people started to observe the amount of destruction caused by tsunamis (Helal & Mehanna, 2008, p.787). The disaster was of such a magnitude that now has educated most people about the subject. The idea of it being a usual wave began to seem unlikely. Tsunamis are provoked by different phenomena than ordinary waves; mainly by earthquakes, abrupt discharges of energy that comes from the Earth´s crust in form of seismic waves, when near or under the ocean (Helal & Mehanna, 2008, p.787). The main scale used to measure an earthquake’s magnitude is the Richter scale, which quantifies its energy release on a logarithmic scale (Kearey et al. 2009, p.10). That causes a vast displacement of water in the ocean, which instigates tsunamis. The thesis of this research, therefore, is that tsunamis are more dangerous than regular waves due to their wavelength, velocity and wave period. In order to prove this statement, this paper will provide information from two separate articles and one book chapter. The first article provides basic information about tsunamis and their origins; taking into account the speed, wavelength and wave period, the second adds specific material on the Asian Tsunami disaster; including what caused it,

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