Tsunami and People Essay examples

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THESIS: The tsunami is a dangerous natural disaster that should be analyzed and studied to prevent unnecessary deaths.

What is a Tsunami?
A. Definition
B. Historical background
C. What effects do they cause

What causes Tsunami?
D. Why do tsunami occur?
E. Where do they occur?
F. How often do they occur

What damage do they cause?
G. The financial cost
H. The environmental cost
I. The human cost

Analyzing and researching
J. Detecting a tsunami
K. Planning
L. Learning from the past


Tsunami: Analyzing the tsunami to prevent future tragedy

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines tsunami as "a seismic sea wave or tidal wave that is …show more content…

All these tsunamis however took lives of the people who lived or were visiting the area at the time. In addition to the death that a tsunami causes, there are also other effects. The towns or cities where the disasters took place are also affected. Many structures are destroyed or damaged. Businesses may be destroyed. All these effects make it difficult and slow for the areas to not only aid those that were hurt in the tsunami but also to rebuild the towns and cities quickly. This has an effect on not only the economy of the town but also on its people. They may feel like there is no hope as they try to rebuild and start again. Besides the economic effects after a tsunami and its mental effect on the people, there may also be environmental effects. The result of the ocean coming on to land has a bad effect on fresh water supplies. The drinking water may be affected. This alone may lead to diseases but also other health problems are caused because of water left standing for long periods. The standing water may help mosquitoes to develop and cause the spread of various diseases. The large number of dead in certain areas may also cause problems as there is not enough room to place the dead and the bodies are left out in the open until they can be buried. The effect of a tsunami are can also be global as in the 2004 tsunami that hit many countries and killed citizens of many other

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