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Suicide Report
TECH 5143-001 Pavan Kumar Kompelly. Suicide is the demonstration of purposefully bringing on one 's own death. Suicide is regularly done as an aftereffect of hopelessness, the reason for which is every now and again ascribed to a mental issue, for example, sorrow, bipolar issue, schizophrenia, marginal identity issue, liquor addiction, or medication misuse, and in addition anxiety variables, for example, money related challenges, issues with interpersonal connections, and harassing. Suicide anticipation endeavors incorporate restricting access to technique for suicide, for example, guns and toxic substances, treating emotional instability and medication abuse, and enhancing financial circumstances. In spite of the fact that emergency hotlines are normal, there is little confirmation for their viability.
Reasons For Suicide
1. Mental Illness
2. Alcohol and Drug Consumption
3. Breakup and Divorce Reasons
4. Social Support
5. Financial Background Issues
6. Gambling Problems
7. Love Failure

Mental Illness Mental issue are regularly present at the season of suicide with assessments extending from 27% to more than 90%. Of the individuals who have been admitted to a psychiatric unit, their lifetime danger of finished suicide is around 8.6%. Half surprisingly amazing suicide may have significant depressive issue; having this or one of the other temperament issue, for example, bipolar issue expands the danger of suicide 20-fold.
Different conditions involved

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