A Report On The Abc Company

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The ABC Company is a manufacturing corporation that focuses on producing cedar roofing and siding shingles. The organization presently has per annum sales of about $1.2 million, with a 25% increase from the prior year. The company goal is to reach $ 3 million in annual sales within the next three. The CEO of the company has been trying to find new products that can influence the present ABC employee skillset as well as the manufacturing capabilities. As the new corporate controller, the CEO has come up with a proposal to use the scrap materials from the cedar shingle to build cedar doll houses. The newly develop proposal will undoubtable bring new opportunities for the company on the configuration of increased cost and labor; conversely it will also make available additional revenue and gross profit to help reach the company future goals. This paper would provide great detail about the estimated product costs, what is needed to break even on the project, and what level of return this product is expected to provide.
An overall risk profile of the company based on current economic and industry issues that it may be facing.
Risk profiles are potential risks to which organizations are revealed to. The risk profile will define the total of threats, kind of threat and possible of threats to the company. The risk profile permits a corporation to foresee supplementary costs or interruption to operations. Furthermore risk profiles illustrate the readiness of a business to take

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