A Report On The Colorado River

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Our city, named Riverview is located in Mexico and has a thriving population of 67,985 residents. Since most of our city is located on a high plateau and high elevations, Riverview enjoys mild, pleasant weather nearly all year. The temperature in winter averages between 68 and 74° 6 and in summer the average temperature is around 83° Fahrenheit. However, most of the city has temperate climates that are very favorable for settlement and agriculture. The Colorado River is located right below our city, so tourists can arrive on boats to look at our astonishing city. Our neighborhoods are placed on land, but our main city is supported by giant water filtration pillars above the river, saving space.. We have a massive bridge that connects the…show more content…
They ride above water and underwater. Furthermore, our city has glow in the dark highways because it is shown to improve driving safety at night and reduce the need for streetlights. Riverview has a very unique transportation system, but we have some problems handling waste in our city. In our city, we use vacuum operated tubes that are located underground to collect trash in homes and businesses. There are different waste pipes for mixed, organic, and paper waste. The trash is temporarily stored by the waste pipe until the next emptying cycle. Next, the trash is transported along the pipelines into containers at the waste station. When the containers are full, they are sent away for further processing. It is divided into three different groups, one for composting, another for reusable materials, and the other is sent to the landfill. The system is remotely monitored and controlled by operators at the waste station. The major types of waste our city generates are organic and paper waste. Organic waste is used for composting. Organic waste is sent to the compost site so they can turn the waste into rich soil. Also, our city generates lots of paper waste. Paper is always recycled. Paper that is contaminated referring to chemicals or other noxious compounds will not be recycled. The paper that will be reused is sent to the recycling center, where it is packed, graded, put into bales and sent to the paper mill. At the mill, all the paper is stored in a
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