A Report On The New Game Called Hockey

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SRP report As a left-hander, I have always wondered what makes us different. As a child it made no sense to me, people telling me I wrote with the ‘wrong hand’ or looking at my hand in amazement asking ‘How do you do that!?!?!’ I always saw it as something to show off, a little peculiarity that made me unique. As I grew older, the challenges got harder. In year two we tried the new game called hockey that looked really fun - only to be told that I had to hold the stick in my right hand, which made me pretty much hopeless to my team. My pencil grip was atrocious, and nobody could properly teach me how to hold it in such a combination where I could see what I was writing but also hold it correctly and comfortably (which I have only learnt this year in year nine). Not to mention the tasks of scissors, white out, dinner etiquette, bumping elbows when writing or eating, not being able to copy sports demonstrations, right-handed desks, and the part that hurt the most, my librarian always telling my class the cruel stories of past treatment to left-handers. But because of my family’s support from a young age, I always saw this small trait as something that made me special. This never changed. The personal hint inspired me to so something with handedness. I was also shocked to find statistics about 6 of the last 12 US presidents, 20% of all MENSA members, and 4 of the 5 original designers of the Mac all left handed. There was obviously something different about left-handers and I

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