A Report On The State Of Agnostica Essay

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Statement of Facts 2. In the eighteenth century a European power conquered the Thanatosian plains and included the region as two separately-administered colonies, Reverentia and Agnostica. Reverentia was located in the eastern half of the plain and functioned as the manufacturing and urban trading center of the Thanatosian region. Agnostica was located in the western half of the plains and enjoyed fertile land and abundant mineral resources. Agnostica often exported its raw materials into Reverentia for refining, processing, and sale. In 1919, approximately 30 percent of the population in Agnostica was ethnic Reverentian. 3. The ruling European power granted independence to Agnostica and Reverentia in 1925. Consequentially, the Federal Republic of Agnostica and the State of Reverentia were established on 1 August 1925. Reverentians remaining in Agnostica were called Agnorevs. 4. The territory of Agnostica is the only area in the world that contains deposits of Marthite, a natural mineral salt which is known to possess restorative properties. On 14 April 1938, Agnostica and Reverentia agreed on a bilateral treaty called the Marthite Convention. The convention outlined the process of Reverentia refining, processing, and then selling the mineral for the purpose of traditional practice for Reverentians and Agnosticans. 5. In February 2012, the Agnostican Prime Minister contacted the President of Reverentia, proposing to terminate the Marthite Convention. The Prime Minster

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