The nature of God and belief Essays

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a) Christians believe many different things about God’s nature; due to the huge spectrum of Christians that there are. However, as a general rule they perceive God as being one of the following four things: •     Personal – where God is represented as a human being. Christians believe this because it means they can directly relate to Him through one-to-one means. There are variations within this also: Some say that this Personal God is one human being that is always there for everyone, others believe that He is a different being for each person. •     Impersonal – an Impersonal view of God’s perception is that God is some form of spirit or force, not particularly there for you personally…show more content…
Another way in which Christians are respectful to their holy book in everyday life is by following the teachings that the Bible contains, practically a second law of how they should live (the political law being the first).      Christians may also see a completely new dimension to the Bible; as a source of information. People aren’t truly Christians unless they believe in the faith for themselves and before they can do this, they need to understand the faith – they can find this out from the Bible. Most believe that although a human wrote it, that the Bible is the words of God, and they therefore must pay it the utmost respect. They see it as very special, and of more importance than any other book. The Bible is actively used in daily life as an ultimate symbol of power and importance, it is read from at special occasions including weddings and funerals and in courts of law – people must swear on the Bible to tell the truth. This shows that the Bible is widely respected by Christians in daily life and by non-believers in certain ways too. c) On the face of it; I would disagree that ‘there is no evidence that God exists’. My initial thoughts are that there is evidence, in the form of millions of believers, history, scriptures and the overall legacy. However, I believe it depends on what is meant by ‘evidence’: If it means something that proves that God exists then the answer is an emphatic no, but if it is asking if there is anything to suggest
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