A Research Study On Biotechnology Essay

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The scientists who are conducting biotechnology research from the government grant like NIH, they have to deal with the government before their research take place from thoughts to laboratory and laboratory to in the real field. They have to prove the subject safety during each stage of the research from pre-clinical to clinical phase I to phase IV to the regulatory agencies. Biotechnology research experts put maximum efforts to follow the regulatory mechanism than any other technology users. There is no evidence that biotechnology carriages additional risk, but there are uncertainties that concern the public. Biotechnology product put the same risk on subjects as the airplane put on travellers. The cost of new biologic product development through the approval is approximately $2.6 Billion, means $2600 million plus the cost of post-marketing surveillance is $312 million, which is many times higher than one Airbus A380-800 that cost $428 million. The regulatory program may differ for different field of biotechnology. The plant- related biotechnology researches are rolling fast, and some potential products are in the pipeline with less requirement comparable to animal based and human base biotechnology products. Animal related biotechnology research has showed more complex than scientists expected, both in terms of genetics and social issues. Most people are not worrying much about transferring genes from one plant to another plant or transferring a one gene from bacteria

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