A Research Study On Business Education

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Running head: LEVERAGING RESEARCH TOENHANCE UNDERGRADUATE BUSINESS EDUCATION 1 Leveraging research to enhance undergraduate business education Luke Maass Northwest Missouri State University Authors note This paper was prepared for Student involvement in research activities in U.S. business schools used to be primarily offered to graduate students. However, many universities are now offering undergraduate research opportunities that can provide students with a deep understanding of the academic environment. Research allows the exploration and questioning of significant issues in today’s world. This type of learning can provide students with more understanding than can be taught in a classroom or read in a textbook. Research challenges students to engage in the process of identifying and evaluating major issues and trends impacting businesses and society. Students also explore potential business implications that can drive innovation (The Boyer Commission). One goal of business school research is to enhance the prestige of the business school where the research is done. There is evidence that research does achieve that goal, as "research has, historically, been regarded as the primary determinant of a school 's prestige" (Armstrong, 1995: 103). For example, Business Week magazine has added a research influence measure in its ratings of business schools. If a school scores highly on that measure, it enhances the overall prestige ranking.
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