Student Body At The University Of South Florida

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Audience Analysis
As a startup business or company, there are many benefits to research in which can dramatically aid the decision-making process in all aspects. Therefore, to obtain a better understanding, our first step consisted of examining our target market, the student body at the University of South Florida. With our combined efforts, we have conducted the proper research and comprised the following report to explain our findings.
Statistics of USF Students
According to the 2014-2015 USF System Fact Book, there are 30,324 undergraduate and 9,135 graduate students on the Tampa, FL campus.
Within those statistics, the following details consist within the student population:
• Male 13,752 (45% )
• Female 16,566 (55%)
• Full-time 23,452 (77%)
• Part-time 6,872 (23%)

With the possibility of a secondary language being involved, included are additional statistics from the USF System Fact Book in regards to the student diversity profile at USF below:
• African American 3,325 (12%)
• American Indian 65 (0%)
• Asian 1,884 (7%)
• Hispanic 6,135 (21%)
• White 16,008 (55%)
• Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 84 (0%)

The findings lead us to determine the largest potential audience will be female students attending classes’ full time. Furthermore, we can target the audience in segments based on ethnicity. White students make up the majority; however the large Hispanic presence is something that should be considered in the formulation of the business.

Age is also a

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