A Research Study On Organizational Management

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Literature Review
In the subject research ten dependent variables have been selected whereas three independent variables have been used, keeping in mind their close relevance with each other. The literature review will revolve around the following dependent variables that are, Empowerment, Training & Development, Delegation, Employee Attitude, Personal Characteristics, Employee Competence, Motivation, Work Environment, Participation, Job Satisfaction, whereas the last section of the literature review will be based upon the three selected independent variables.
According to Rappaport (1984) the word ‘empowerment’ have been used in literature of almost all disciplines such as economics, education, management, marketing, organizational change process etc., but the perspective and the context in which it has been used is different in all disciplines. In recent literature that has been written on the topic of organizational management, the word empowerment has not been defined, in fact it has been explained in a much broader way by not confining it within boundaries. According to Zimmerman (1984) defining empowerment has been in debate and writers have different opinions about its description.
It is very important to have an impression and some understanding on the concept of empowerment; otherwise, it would be difficult to have momentum in this research. Defining empowerment in general terms would be much appropriate for the basic understanding of the concept. It can be

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