A Research Study On Spanish Migrants

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SUSTO, NERVIOS AND DEPRESION In this paper, I want to discuss susto, nervios and depression, their definition, and their possible causes. It is especially necessary to learn about these situation which are common in every person as a result of our humanity. As a future minister of God’s people, I will have to respond to their needs wisely. Moreover, I will describe some forms of susto, nervios and depression as disorders and, of course, some illnesses that might be caused by those psychological dysfunctions. Finally, I will attempt to offer some ideas on how to care for a person who has signs of those feelings and comes to me for help as shepherd. As I said before, it is very important to have some idea of what susto, nervios, and depression are like. As I proceed through this paper, it will be shown that those problems affect many people in America, especially all who were not born in the USA. My research will be focus how Spanish migrants are affected for each of those feelings as a result of the impact of a new culture and a new language. It is necessary to keep in mind that, as priests, we are often the first person or fount to whom people come to looking for help or any advice. Their trust in the minister indicates that they see him as a sign of hope or solution for their difficult situation. They count on the priest for wise guidance and, for assurance of God’s unconditional love for them. Now, I would like to describe some symptoms and truths about these disorders,

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