A Review of Psycho Essay

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A Review of Psycho

He was known to his audience as the ‘Master of Suspense’ and what Hitchcock mastered was not only the art of making films but also the task of taming his own mad imagination Hitchcock told his stories through intelligent plots, witty dialogue and a spoonful of mystery and murder. In doing so, he inspired a new generation of filmmakers and revolutionized the thriller genre, making him a worldwide legend. His brilliance was sometimes too bright: He was hated as well as loved, oversimplified as well as over analyzed. Hitchcock was eccentric, demanding, inventive, impassioned and he had a great sense of British humour.

The story Psycho has an interesting plot. It starts off
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He checks up on her and asks if she is OK. I think most people would if you saw this woman sleeping in her car on the side of a main road. The Sheriff suggests that the she should have slept in a Motel and he asks her why she didn’t. When Marion leaves it appears as if the Sheriff is following her but its just Marion’s paranoid imagination as the Sheriff turns off at an exit along the freeway. It’s the money that does it!

As she has been told by an authority of the law she, unusually, does what he says. I say unusually because in this day and age… well. It start to get dark again and it starts to rain. Whilst she is driving she catches a glimpse of a sign for the Bates’ Motel and pulls into it. When she gets out of her car she waits, knocking at the door of the Motel’s office. In the house on the hill there is figure moving around and it peeps out of the window, like a little old lady but not. The figure comes rushing down quickly to let Marion the soaked rat into the office for a room. The man who greets her introduces himself as Norman Bates, the proprietor of the Bates Motel. He starts to gas on like an old woman and Marion, not wanting to talk and just to sleep, tries to end the conversation. Unfortunately for her Norman offers her some sandwiches and milk, very homely and thoughtful you must say. She

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