A Role Playing Simulation On Database Design Essay

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Feedback on Your Choices in Volunteer Now: A Role-Playing Simulation on Database Design Name: Madisyn Olguin 1. Entity Choices Points: 9 out of 9 Your choices for the entities are listed below, along with correct answers: Your Choices Correct Choices Points Earned Organizations Volunteers 0 Volunteers Organizations 0 VolunteerActivities VolunteerActivities 3 Total Points 9 Well done! 2. Should activities be attributes in the Volunteers table? Points: 5 out of 5 You selected No. Good choice! Volunteers and VolunteerActivities represent a one to many relationship, so each volunteer can have 0 to more activities. VolunteerActivities should thus be a separate table, that can be linked with a foreign key (VolunteerID) to…show more content…
2 Total Points 2 8. Should Gender and BirthDate be included as attributes in the Volunteers table? Points: 6 out of 6 Attribute Your Choice Correct Choice Points A. Gender yes yes 3 B. Birthdate yes yes 3 Total Points 6 Based on the points made by the stakeholders, both gender and birthdate would be useful. 9. Which tasks will the database design NOT support? Points: 25 out of 25 Correct Choices What is a volunteer's email? How often has a volunteer participated in some activity in the last month? Your Choices Points 5 5 Is a volunteer likely to be available during evenings and weekends? 5 What activities does a new volunteer prefer? 5 What are the most common college majors of our volunteers? 5 Total Points 25 Total Points for Scored Choices You received 107 out of 107 points, plus 3 bonus points = 103% Well done! Note that the scoring does not judge the value of any user-defined attributes you proposed, unless one contained "email" or "e-mail", but your suggested attributes are shown in this feedback. Databases like this one should be designed for flexibility, and would typically include many more attributes, even if some of them are blank for many of the records. When Volunteer Now! starts growing, the organization may also need more tables, such as one for Employees, whether paid or not. Database design takes into account the current needs of the organization, but also leaves room for future growth and expansion.

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