A Room Of One's Own Excerpt

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Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own excerpt consisted of important matters that needed to be brought to the table, but too many people were afraid of speaking up to society’s rules. Virginia implies facts about Shakespeare’s life to add that Shakespeare’s times was not the best times for female writers and their opinions. While Virginia imagines Shakespeare’s life with a sister, she says, “Any woman in Shakespeare’s days should have had Shakespeare’s genius” (897). Shakespeare’s era was ruled and taught by men and known for the men having very important roles in society, unlike the women. Virginia repeats the phrase “the element of grammar and logic” (896) to the emphasis on Shakespeare learning opportunity unlike his “sister” named Judith. Shakespeare learned about literature, how to solve problems …show more content…

Virginia uses the idea of androgyny to explain that the separation of men and women does exist in the society. Woolf uses Coleridge and Shakespeare to explain the meaning of androgyny. Samuel Coleridge believes “a great mind is an androgyny” (901). As for Shakespeare, the androgyny’s meaning is the androgyny of a “man-womanly mind” (901). The idea of marriage be the result of the women to get attention because of their last name, but some women are forced to get married by their parents. At the end, Woolf acknowledges that some marriages are only based on intercourse not love like it supposed to be, Woolf states, “Some marriages of the opposites has to be consummated” (904). Yes, most of Woolf’s ideas are connected to today’s society, especially the marriage could only be about the intercourse, but the feelings of love are never present at

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