A Rose For Emily Women's Freedom Essay

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Women’s rights are one of America’s major stories that date back to the birth of the nation. Since the beginning of time, women have been fighting for their rights, from Abigail Adams and “remember the ladies” all the way to the women’s rights movement during the 1960s. Many women saw freedom and opportunity with the passing of the 19th amendment which allowed women the right to vote. A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner displays the new found freedom that women obtained during the 1920s through the life of Emily Grierson. Although many people were reluctant to give Grierson her rights, she persisted in fighting for her freedom; therefore, A Rose for Emily addresses how women fought and protected their hard earned rights. Throughout A Rose for Emily, we follow the life of Emily Grierson and watch as major events unfold and displays the exercise of women’s freedom. In Section II of the story, Faulkner uses epitaph to reveal Grierson’s new freedom due to her father’s death. In the beginning of the story, we are introduced to Emily Grierson, a daughter descending from a well-respected family. Through a flashback, we learn that the townsfolk were…show more content…
Faulkner utilizes many different rhetorical devices to highlight how the story of Grierson demonstrates women fighting for their rights. He uses epitaph to show how her father’s death allowed her to be released from his grip and to be free. Furthermore, he utilizes flashbacks to develop the character of Miss Emily Grierson by telling events in her life that showed her expressing her freedom. Lastly, he uses ambiguity to involve readers in discovering what Grierson’s actions represent. Through the toughest challenges, one who has a firm mind that does not give up on their beliefs truly
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