A Scar to Remember

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New York City, summer of 2007, I got out of the car and inhaled the stale air. I rushed to the entrance with my luggage and opened the door of the washed out red sky-high building. After my family and I entered the building and we serenely walked over to the elevator and I pushed the button until it flashed luminous red. I was thrilled I was going to see my cousins after such a long time. The last time we were together was when I used to live there. We moved to Massachusetts when I was two years old. I was wondering what this place had in store for me and if this is going to be the best summer vacation or not. But what will happen to me became a scar that will always be with me forever. The bell went off and the elevator doors opened on the sixth floor. I took a left and went straight until I saw the door that opened to their apartment. I knocked on the door extremely exhilarated feeling like my head would pop off my neck. When my aunt unlocked and opened up the door, she saw us and was utterly shocked. "SURPRISE!" She came out of the apartment and gave all of us a hug as well as our cousins and after welcomed us into their home. My cousin asks me "Why did you suddenly come to New York?" I verbalized "Why you don't want us here?” She then replied "No that is not what I meant." "We traveled here because as you know it is summer break and we thought about visiting you and, wanted to give you a massive surprise." The last day of
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