A Short Biography : A Biography Of Barney Frank

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Barney Frank is above courageous. The valiant former U.S. House of Representative from Massachusetts is open to whatever questions, concerns, and consequences are propelled at him. The acme of his political courage is portrayed through his will to be straightforward with his views and ambition. He expresses no enigmas (“Barney… Issue… ”). His strong beliefs is expressed throughout his own words, “it is very important to make sure that I am agreeable in what I say, but on other occasions it is okay if people don’t like what I say. What’s going to happen? Is someone going to hit me?” (“Barney Frank: The Story…” 5). The bill Frank introduces to the House is the Fisheries Investment and Regulatory Act. The Bill would produce “more than $100 million annually into improving scientific research and fish stock assessments” throughout the nation (“Senate Bill… “). His belief of pro choice in the Overseas Military Abortion Amendment and the Prison Abortion Funding Amendment would provide female soldiers with the decision of removing an unborn child out of her body. He cannot succeed without humankind’s bolster.
The Fisheries Investment and Regulatory Act —also known as FIRA— has a history of different methods such as recreational, commercial, and fish farming (“The Historical…”). In order to participate in recreational fisheries, one must have a “state license and [pay] a substantial Federal tax (10 percent) on the equipment used” by the individual. Commercial fisheries is when

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