A Short Note On Anxiety Attacks And Depression

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Bob is a 26 year old white male who has been suffering from anxiety attacks and depression. He indicates that these issues presented themselves 6 years ago after a single use of the hallucenogenic drug LSD in college. He indicates a fear of flashbacks to that experience and says there in no other incident that could cause these issues. He also discusses a tumultuous relationship with his father and two brothers, and was significantly more shy than his siblings while growing up. He maintains that he has trouble holding down a job, and has little to no relationship with his male family members at this time.
Presenting concerns:
Bob indicates that he has been presenting with anxiety attacks during the night multiple times per week. He …show more content…

The negative self- cencept created by accusations of lying and the physical altercations/ lack of realtionship with his brothers could lead to a dimished sense of self- worth, leading to Bob’s feelings of depression. Murdock wrote that “depression, for example, would be seen as probably involving a negative self concept that resulted from an excess of conditions of worth” (159). This indicates that Bob’s negative sense of worth could absolutely be the cause of his depressive tendancies, as well as his constant state of sadness. This sadness and anxiety (as mentioned above, where Bob sees where his problems are affecting his relationships) are the cause of his inability to hold down a job, have a stable relationship with his girlfriend, and avoid interactions with his father and brothers.
Course of treatment and interventions utilized:
Bob presented many of his self-visualized problems in our first session, and became somewhat sad while doing so. Bob indicated that he thought that he could reasonably complete his time in counseling after between 10 and 15 sessions, so it was agreed upon that we would function under the assumption that we would complete 12. In our first session, Bob described his experience with LSD in great detail, and indicated that this is the only cause of his anxiety that he could think of. He had trouble beginning to speak about his family life, however after a little encouragement, he was able to speak

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